Shotblocker XT Pro with Unlisted Skate

Shotblocker XT Pro with Unlisted Skate

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Most of the time we can access suppliers to essentially rent the same model skate and size without you needing to physically send us your personal skate mold. If you have a skate that we cannot access, we will send you a Shotblocker Molding Kit to take a quick impression of your skate that you can then send back to us!

Shotblocker XT Pro | Hockey Skate Guards

Total skate protection making sure your feet are safe and sound: The Shot Blocker XT Pro is custom fit for each and every skate on the market. Shot blocking has never been easier with skate protection from Exterior Skate Protection’s Shot Blocker XT Pro, and broken feet will be a thing of the past.


  • Full hockey skate protection
  • Feather light
  • Custom mold to fit any skate
  • 2mm thick
  • Extremely durable Copolyester Thermoplastic

30 day warranty from day of delivery


Molding Instructions

  1. Start by removing lacing from skates.
  2. Be sure skate tongue is tucked inside the skate not interfering.
  3. Open molding kit. Be sure to place left skate in left skate mold box and right skate in right skate box. 
  4. Line left skate up over molding box, be sure that the skate is lined up to fit in the molding kit. Bottom of the skate is at the bottom of the mold.  Press skate into the molding kit, applying even pressure.  Press down until skate tuck touches edge of the box.   *Inside of skate shown below: 
Lay Skate on foam.
Press skate down firmly.
Visual of skate side view depth.

Proceed to complete outside of skate as shown above.  Repeat steps for the other skate.


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